Budapest Walking Tours - Secret Tour


Have you ever wondered how the Hungarians live their everyday life in Budapest? I mean at the places where no tourists would go.
On this tour do not expect the typical attractions, nor the mainstream places where normally you have to go once you visit a new city. We will show you the other side of the town and take you to some places where you can get immersed in the Hungarian way of living.

45.00 / person


  • Residential area of the Pest side
  • Technical University of Budapest
  • „Downtown” part of Buda
  • A less known Market Hall
  • the new Metro


  • A 24-hour ticket for the public transportation of Budapest
  • A hot drink and a beverage at a local cafe house in Buda
  • Lots of recommendations, tips, interesting stories and legends about Budapest


  • By the Lutheran Church on the Deák Ferenc square

Please keep that in mind that market hall is closed on Sundays!

Still if you would like to add or change anything about the tour itinerary, please feel free to contact us! We’re happy to hear about your wishes!


We meet by the Lutheran Church on the Deák Ferenc square where we give you a small summary about what we are going to see in Budapest on the walking tour, handing out the public transportation tickets and then the fun begins.

This tour’s basic idea is to explore Budapest’s hidden gems, meanwhile exploring the areas where the locals are living, and have a glimpse into the Hungarian everyday life, with lots of contrasts in the focus.

First we go out to the Corvin negyed, to see how much it has changed in the previous decade and also to know more about the 56’ revolution. This was a significant area in that time and we will talk a bit more about the communism as well.

Our journey continues to the IX. District, which is also called the Rehabilitational area on the map of the city. Don’t worry, this is not a rehab, more like the newly built area of Budapest. Here we will walk through one the the cosiest street of the town, where you could hardly see any foreigners.

Exiting this area, we will cross over the Buda side of the city, since we stayed on the Pest side so far, and we will show you the Technical University of Budapest, the main building and the campus as well to see how the Hungarian students get along their academic years.

Later we will show you around this area of Budapest, called Újbuda, which means New Buda in Hungarian. This area is mostly just for locals, and also university students. Eventually ending our tour in one of the less known local Market Hall to see what the Hungarians are shopping to make an authentic local dinner.