The Budapest Show



The Budapest Show is tailored for those guests who are looking for a funny, interactive way of learning about Budapest, Hungary mixed with some sightseeing and a nice drink while getting all the tricks and tips and know hows to get the best out of your stay in our wonderful city! All in a “stand up comedy show” style.


We will meet at the Danube bend on the Vigadó square, where a small 1 hour sightseeing tour on foot is waiting for us to learn the basics about the Hungarian history and get an overview about the city to get your bearings. Then we arrive to one of my favourite coffee shop, where a drinks in on me while I tell you a lot about the cuisine, the history behind it and also a lot of recommendations what to do on the following days of your holiday in Budapest. Overall my experience is for all who are arriving to our city and want to know some recommendations, tricks and a basic history about us Hungarians in a funny, entertaining way while enjoying our nice drinks.


  • Danube promenade
  • The view of the Buda Castle and the Gellért Hill with the Liberty Statue
  • Hidden gems of the area


  • The famous Goulash soup followed by a local tapas plate
  • A drink at a local coffee shop
  • Cool bar and restaurant recommendations for later
  • Lots of advices about the city and things to do on the following days


  • By the tram stop of tram line 2 on Vigadó square