Pub crawl

Explore the nightlife of Budapest

Feel like going out? Look no further. We are here to take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Budapest is on its way to become the #1 tourist destination of Europe…and for a good reason. This city has much more to offer than gorgeous woman, pretty sights and cheap drinks – although we gotta admit this is quite a huge chunk of why we moved here – it has the most unique nightlife scene in Europe. When the sun goes down the seemingly calm streets turn into a jungle of abandoned buildings turned into bars, hidden garden pubs and rooftop beer gardens. Exploring all that needs to be seen would take weeks if not month, so we can’t promise you a night out that shows you everything about this beautiful mess, but we can give you a taste of what it feels like to live and party in Budapest. The Free Pub Crawl Budapest takes you off the beaten tracks, to bars and clubs that might not be Lonely Planets #1 but have a huge role to play in giving Budapest’s nightlife scene a unique feel. Places that will make your time truly remarkable.


Every day at 10pm at 1072 Budapest, Akácfa street 1-3. (in front of the Burger King at Blaha Lujza square)


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